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Breeding & care

The care of our falcons is of the utmost importance to ensure their health and well-being. We rely on a combination of traditional methods and modern knowledge to create an optimal environment for our birds.

Nutrition: A balanced diet is crucial. Our falcons are fed a variety of foods rich in protein and essential nutrients to keep them fit and ready to hunt.

Training: Regular training is essential to develop the falcons’ natural hunting instincts and flying skills. We emphasise personalised training that meets the needs of each individual falcon.

Health monitoring: Our falcons are regularly examined by specialised staff to ensure that they are free of disease and in top physical condition.

Housing: Our falcons are housed in spacious aviaries that offer protection and at the same time provide sufficient space for movement. We make sure that the natural living conditions are replicated as closely as possible.

Through the careful care and attention we give to each of our falcons, we can guarantee that they are not only physically but also mentally in top form.

1. our breeding philosophy
We are dedicated to the breeding of pure gerfalcons, peregrine falcons and saker falcons. Our gerfalcons come in an impressive range of colours, from immaculate white to deep black. We rely on natural breeding and rearing by experienced adult birds to promote the species-appropriate development and natural behaviour of our falcons.

2. innovation in falcon breeding
Innovation is the key to our breeding work. We use imprint birds for artificial insemination to pass on the valuable genes of our best falcons. This approach allows us to continuously improve the quality of our bloodlines and ensure that our falcons are among the most exquisite of their kind.

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